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I have only ever had fish! I got my first pet sophomore year of college - a betta named Alexander. He died the next year after the move back to campus :( So I got a baby betta named Merlin who got caught in the filter :( Arthur wasn't eating and was always hiding so he may have gotten stuck in the decor or just died there... My boyfriend bought me 4 guppies and Bristlenose Pleco. I named the pleco severus and the guppies after the Mauraders from Harry Potter. Sirius turned out to be a pregnant female so I returned her. The replacement guppy died after two days and messed up the water quality which I assumed killed James and the Severus ate him...because he just disappeared. I got two more guppies, Rin and Jaune. Then Peter got all bloated during a busy week and once I noticed, he died in a couple hours before I could go buy peas! So now Severus the pleco and Rin, Jaune, and Remus, are all that's left! Currently in a 2.5 tank because they were supposed to be in a 10 gallon by now but my boyfriend keeps putting off buying the supplies!
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