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if you're looking to start a breeder business- be it parrots or fish or even snakes, or maybe you just do it as a hobby... this is the place to talk about it
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Savannah, United States
11.11.2018 From LadyLoki13
I have a ferret, 2 Crested Geckos, a Rose Hair Tarantula, a Veiled Chameleon, a Corn Snake, a Pacman Frog, a Leopard Gecko, a planted tank with 2 Axolotls, an Iguana, a beta fish, 2 Chinchillas, two tree frogs, and a Hedgehog, also my family also owns a mini Goldendoodle and mini Australian Shepard.…
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Salt Lake City, United States
16.01.2017 From lauren_michelle22
I breed TICA registered bengal cats with my family as well as own a variety of other animals. I have a ferret, hedgehog, a tank of SeaMonkeys (don't judge me), dogs, cats (not just the bengals, but a few adopted from shelters as well), and I also help with a family member's three parrotlets. Other t…
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United States
18.12.2016 From Isabel