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hii there! if you love llamas or alpacas (or both) then this is the place for you! Lets all come together to appreciate their weird fluffy awesomeness. no matter if you own any or not, everyone is welcome :D.
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8 days ago From llamaweirdo
African Dwarf Frogs are graceful and highly energetic frogs. With great personalities they can be a great addition to any freshwater aquarium. This forum is for anyone who is looking to learn and share their own information on these awesome creatures.
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Philadelphia , United States
9 days ago From Oceangeek
A youtube channel dedicated to all my pets. 3 guinea pigs, a hamster, 2 Chinese praying mantis, african cichlids, a community tank and 5 bettas. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NVB5Y_Oh3yN-AxKcRmWpA
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Dartmouth, Canada
10 days ago From nontoxicrainbow
Hello. This group is all about tarantulas and other spiders! I have a total of 8 tarantulas most unsexed or female.  All tarantula pictures are allowed! Group perfect for beginners just starting out with their first tarantula. (Mine was a ChileanRose)  buy, sell, swap is allowed! 
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Cardiff, United Kingdom
13.02.2017 From LadyBlue
Come with me on my adventure as I dip my toes into the aquarium life of betta fish. Join me as I learn and apply Tips and information. Feel free to correct me in any mistakes I may not have realized.
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REHOBOTH, United States
11.02.2017 From Dakota
This is a community for all reptile owners. Share photos and news about your scaley friends and feel free to ask for advice...
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Bishop Stortford, United Kingdom
11.02.2017 From JustAnimalsAndStuff
My name is Fern and I love Rats! I have two males named Leo and Bailey! Here you can chat about them!
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Appleton, United States
08.02.2017 From Fern_0179
Bunny group in memory of Buddy Bunny
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Rochester, United Kingdom
08.02.2017 From Hayley_Barrett
This group is for us to share information about homemade and raw dog food diets :) We all want to feed our fur babies the best of the best and I believe homemade diets are just that. I've been feeding my dog raw for over a year now and I'll never go back to kibble. I personally feed my dog a raw die…
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United States
07.02.2017 From lucienne
Hi invertebrates lovers and enthousiasts!  This group was set up for all of us thinking about keeping mantids and other insects/arachnids as well as those who already own some.  This is the perfect place for you to share your experiences, to voice your opinions and pose any questions you may have.  …
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06.02.2017 From Otocyonxo
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